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Friday, March 16, 2018

Recipe Weekend: How to be a Bourbon Bad As* by Linda Ruffenach

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this ebook,free of charge,from Ingram publishing, via Edelweiss, for review purposes on this blog, No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it.

Bourbon is a type of whiskey, 
so it's only fitting that we share this book the day before St Patrick's Day!


From tales of legendary master distillers to food and drink recipes for classics like the bourbon highball and fresh twists like bacon-wrapped dates with a bourbon glaze, Linda Ruffenach will redefine your perceptions of bourbon and those who savor it. Your journey to becoming a bourbon badass begins here.
There is no right or wrong way to drink bourbon—in a cocktail, straight up, on the rocks, or with a splash of soda. You will never know which is your way until you try them all, and How to Be a Bourbon Badass will guide you on the path of your own bourbon adventure.

In How to Be a Bourbon Badass, Linda Ruffenach tells the story of her own personal journey with bourbon and shares behind-the-scenes tales from bourbon industry experts and rock stars. She captures the storied history of America’s native spirit, explains the process of making liquid gold, and offers top-notch cocktail, dinner, and dessert recipes for the novice and connoisseur alike. From tales of legendary master distillers to stories of women whose lives were changed through newfound bourbon badass confidence, and from recipes for classics like the bourbon highball to fresh twists like strawberry bourbon lemonade with rosemary, Linda Ruffenach will redefine your perceptions of bourbon and those who savor it. Your journey to becoming a bourbon badass begins here.


Want to know anything about Bourbon? Then THIS is your guide! From how it's made, the differences, to how to store and serve it, it's all here. Plus you get entertaining tips (be the Hostess with the mostess bourbon bar!) and even food recipes! The book isn't an absolute guide, but it's pretty much the one people NEED! The amazing pictures may make you buy another book to frame some of the pictuers, behnd your own bar! Pair this book with a great bottle of bourbon and you have a housewarming gift that keeps on giving! 


Who says Pecan Pie is ONLY for the fall holidays?

This new version just might be your fav St Patrick's Day treat, when served with some Irish Coffee, or share it on Easter with the adults!

chocolate boubon pecan pie recipe

About the Author:

Linda Ruffenach is a businesswoman, entrepreneur, and the founder of Whisky Chicks. She believes that sharing a glass of bourbon and learning about America’s native spirit are great common denominators to bring people together. Ruffenach takes pride in creating experiences that make learning about Kentucky bourbon approachable, fun, and informative. Her sense of community and commitment to paying it forward drive her to empower others to bring out their inner badass
Thursday, March 15, 2018

History Corner/ Book Review: Blood Moon: An American Epic of War and Splendor in the Cherokee Nation by John Sedgwick

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this ebook,free of charge,from Simon & Schuster via Edelweiss, for review purposes on this blog, No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it.

And now for an often unknown tale of the Cherokee nation, 
and how it affected our ancestors, that comes out next month!

blood mon cover


This sweeping American epic reveals one of the greatest untold stories of the nineteenth century: the fierce rivalry between two great Cherokee chiefs that led to war, forced migration, and the devastation of a once-proud nation.

Blood Moon is the story of the century-long blood feud between two rival Cherokee chiefs from the early years of the United States through the infamous Trail of Tears and into the Civil War. While little remembered today, their mutual hatred shaped the tragic history of the tribe far more than anyone, even the reviled President Andrew Jackson, ever did.

In this epic saga, John Sedgwick brings to life an untold chapter of American history through the relationship between one chief called The Ridge, a fearsome warrior who spoke no English but whose exploits on the battlefield were legendary, and John Ross, who was the Cherokees’ primary chief for nearly forty years, yet displayed the Scottish side of his mixed-blood heritage and spoke not a word of Cherokee. To protect their sacred landholdings from American encroachment, these two men negotiated with almost every American president from George Washington through Abraham Lincoln. At first friends and allies, they broke on the subject of Removal, breeding an enmity that lead to a bloody civil war within Cherokee Nation that culminated in the two factions battling each other in the War Between the States.

Dramatic, far-reaching, and unforgettable, Blood Moon paints a portrait of these two inspirational leaders who worked together to lift their people to the height of culture and learning as the most civilized tribe in the nation, and then drop them to the depths of ruin and despair as they turned against each other. Theirs is a story of land, pride, honor, and loss that forms much of the country’s mythic past today.


Most people have heard about how assimilated the Cherokees were (hence why everyone has a 'Cherokee Princess' (aka eyeroll) in the family, and about John Ross. But fewer people know about the fued between him and Major Ridge, and how it affected the ultimate loss of the Cherokee homeland. This book takes the reader back to the beginning, to their births and how they were raised and brought up. This allows the reader to see how they became so close, but also allows for the differences they had. From this the tribe was split, and ultimately suffered losses within the Civil War, and the loss of their land via the Trail of tears. Sedgwick does an amazing job with bringing an amazing amount of research to a readable prose, so that it is not dry and boring, but heartwrenching and understandable to the reader. From our family history, I knew some of this story, the rest I had researched on my own, but Sedwick filled out the story SO well, I fill there are no gaps for the reader! Once you read this story, it may give you a VERY different view about what was taken from the tribe and by whom, and make you realise race relations were an even bigger issue before slavery became the beacon for it in our country. This is a must read to learning the truth of American history!

About the Author:

John Sedgwick is the bestselling author of thirteen books, including Blood MoonWar of Two, his acclaimed account of the duel between Hamilton and Burr, two novels, and the family memoir In My Blood. A longtime contributor to GQNewsweekVanity Fair, and The Atlantic, he wrote the first national expose of the exploits of Whitey Bulger in GQ in 1992.

Book Revew: Lost Books and Old Bones by Paige Shelton

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this ebook,free of charge,from Crown Publishing, via netgalley, for review purposes on this blog, No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it.

A delightful new mystery featuring bookseller and amateur sleuth Delaney Nichols, set in Edinburgh, Scotland, and perfect for History Thursday!

Lost Books and Old Bones cover


Delaney Nichols, originally of Kansas but settling happily into her new life as a bookseller in Edinburgh, works at The Cracked Spine in the heart of town. She’s recently befriended a few medical school students after they came into the shop to sell some antique medical tomes. But when one of the students’ friends is found murdered outside in the alley, Delaney takes it upon herself to help bring the murderer to justice. 

During her investigation, Delaney finds some old scalpels in the bookshop’s warehouse—she finds out that they belonged to a long-dead doctor, whose story might be connected to the present-day murder. It’s all Delaney can do to race to solve this crime before time runs out and she ends up in danger herself.


This was the first book in the Scottish Bookshop Mystery series I had read, but it won't be the last- I've already got books 1 and 2 on the Kindle read list! Delaney is a charming fish out water in Scotland lead character, that we can all relate to, leading a charmed life with an eccentric cast of characters around her. Add in a decent little mystery that might keep you guessing, and you have a delightful read, perfect for Spring thawing out!

About the Author:

Paige Shelton had a nomadic childhood as her father’s job as a football coach took the family to seven different towns before she was even twelve years old. After college at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, she moved to Salt Lake City where she thought she’d only stay a few years, but she fell in love with the mountains and a great guy who became her husband. After a couple of decades in Utah, she and her family recently moved to Arizona.

The books in the Scottish Bookshop Mystery series are The Cracked Spine and Of Books and Bagpipes.
Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Book Review: Noir by Christopher Moore

Discosure / Disclaimer: I received this post, free of charge,from William Morrow, via Netgalleyfor blog posting purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it.

And now our second mystery of the day, from an unexpected author!

noir cover


The absurdly outrageous, sarcastically satiric, and always entertaining New York Times bestselling author Christopher Moore returns in finest madcap form with this zany noir set on the mean streets of post-World War II San Francisco, and featuring a diverse cast of characters, including a hapless bartender; his Chinese sidekick; a doll with sharp angles and dangerous curves; a tight-lipped Air Force general; a wisecracking waif; Petey, a black mamba; and many more.
San Francisco. Summer, 1947. A dame walks into a saloon . . .
It’s not every afternoon that an enigmatic, comely blonde named Stilton (like the cheese) walks into the scruffy gin joint where Sammy "Two Toes" Tiffin tends bar. It’s love at first sight, but before Sammy can make his move, an Air Force general named Remy arrives with some urgent business. ’Cause when you need something done, Sammy is the guy to go to; he’s got the connections on the street.
Meanwhile, a suspicious flying object has been spotted up the Pacific coast in Washington State near Mount Rainer, followed by a mysterious plane crash in a distant patch of desert in New Mexico that goes by the name Roswell. But the real weirdness is happening on the streets of the City by the Bay.
When one of Sammy’s schemes goes south and the Cheese mysteriously vanishes, Sammy is forced to contend with his own dark secrets—and more than a few strange goings on—if he wants to find his girl.
Think Raymond Chandler meets Damon Runyon with more than a dash of Bugs Bunny and the Looney Tunes All Stars. It’s all very, very Noir. It’s all very, very Christopher Moore.


Christopher Moore  once again brings us characters that immediately grab you and keep you laughing and smiling through ut the book, even though its supposed to be "noir"! This is another book that the reader wants to see on film, because it IS film, it's all the noir mystery films we remember from our childhood, with a modern edge, to give it in the Moore hemisphere! This is a story you'll be telling friends about and secretly sharing and re-reading!

About the Author:

Christopher Moore is the author of fourteen previous novels, including Lamb, The Stupidest Angel, Fool, Sacré Bleu, A Dirty Job, and The Serpent of Venice.


Book Review: Second Story Man by Charles Salzberg

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this ebook, free of charge,from Down and Out Books, via Netgalley, for blog review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it,  all opinions are my own. 

Today we have 2 great mystery novels! 

second story man cover


Francis Hoyt, arrogant, athletic, brilliant, manipulative and ruthless, is a master burglar. He specializes in stealing high-end silver, breaking into homes that seem impenetrable. He’s never been caught in the act, although he has spent some time in prison on a related charge, time he used to hone his craft and make valuable connections. (Hoyt is based on two real-life master burglars: the so-called Dinnertime Bandit, who only stole when his victims were home, and The Silver Thief, who was only interested in high-end silver). Hoyt follows the money. In the winter, he works down south, primarily in southern Florida and Georgia, around the Atlanta area. Summers, he moves back up north, where he plies his trade in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts.
One day, Charlie Floyd, brilliant, stubborn, an experienced investigator, who has recently retired from his job with the attorney general’s department for the state of Connecticut, receives a phone call from Manny Perez, a Cuban-American Miami police detective. Perez, who’s worked with Floyd previously, wants to enlist the former investigator in his efforts to put an end to Francis Hoyt’s criminal career. Floyd accepts the offer and they team up to bring Hoyt to justice.
Second Story Man, told in alternating chapters, representing Hoyt’s, Floyd’s and Perez’s points-of-view, develops into a cat-and-mouse contest between the two lawmen and this master burglar. As Floyd and Perez get closer to their prey, Hoyt finds out they’re after him and rather than backing down, he taunts them, daring them to bring him in. As the story develops, the stakes get higher and higher, and Hoyt, who is always concerned about proving he’s the best at what he does, even resorts to murder. Eventually, the story climaxes in a confrontation between the three men.


As I was reading this book, I had the movie edition of it playing in the back of my head, as the setting and dialogue lea you to it. The varying narratives help the reader to truly understand and root for each of the men, in turn. It's a thrilling adventurer, that leaves you rapidly turning pages and eager to get to the finale. By the time you finish, you'll be wondering about other possible ways for them to come back (prequels?), and eager to rejoin them! It's a great jump to Spring, so don't miss it!

About the Author:

Charles Salzberg is a former magazine journalist who has now turned to a life of crime. His first novel, Swann’s Last Song, was nominated for a Shamus Award, and there are three others in the series: Swann Dives InSwann’s Lake of Despair, which was nominated for two Silver Falchions, and was a Finalist for the Beverly Hills Book Award and the Indie Excellence Award, and Swann’s Way Out. His novel, Devil in the Hole, was named one of the best crime novels of 2013 by Suspense Magazine, and his novella, “Twist of Fate,” was included in Triple Shot, a collection of three noir crime novellas. He is the author of more than twenty non-fiction books, including From Set Shot to Slam Dunk, an oral history of the NBA, and Soupy Sez: My Zany Life and Times, with Soupy Sales. He has taught magazine journalist at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, and he teaches writing at the New York Writers Workshop, where he is a Founding Member.

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