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Scorched Souls Brings Back the YA Series (AND at a SUPER Low BONUS Price!)

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this ebook, free of charge,from Novel Publicity, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

And now for the third book in the Chosen series!

Be sure to keep reading for a SUPER buy on books 1 (Windcatcher) and 2 (Brink of Dawn)!

Will Julliet Wildfire-Stone follow her Chosen path? 

How will she save the Earth from two ancient foes? 

scorched souls cover


Survival is not enough.
Alliances will be formed.

Loyalties tested.

A choice made.

My name is Juliet Wildfire Stone and I’m not just a Chosen, I’m the Alpha… and the fate of Earth rests in my hands. When I finally met the Prime Elector, he wasn’t anything like I expected. He was supposed to be our mortal enemy, a monster I needed to destroy to fulfill my destiny, yet he was nothing like that—he’s young, brilliant, and looks like an angel. Caught in the middle of a conflict between two ancient foes, which threatens to rip Earth apart, I must do what is right at all costs. To choose my fate, and Earth’s future, I will need to navigate a new path, form unlikely alliances, and solve ancient mysteries forgotten for centuries. Yet I cannot do it alone. Will the other Chosen follow me? Do I have the strength to make the right choice, or will the people of Earth be enslaved for all time?


This book pick sup where book 2, Brink of Dawn, left off. the crew of unexpected kids is literally licking their wounds, and getting their strength back, in order to plan their next move. But unbeknownst to them, they are but chess pieces in a chess game for Earth, by 2 arch rivals, Lied to by both sides, they will soon find out just how much is at stake.

The book moves a little slow at first, but once the action starts, it turns into a page turner, just like books 1 and 2. Juliet must make the choice as to what will happen to the world. Will she let her Native American beliefs guide her, or will she bend to the Prime Elector? Even the Chosen ones don't know what she will do, as they do everything in their power to help her (even if she doesn't want their help). The book ends up being a story of trusty and faith and one not to be missed!

About the Author

Jeff Altabef is an award winning author who lives in New York with his wife, two daughters, and Charlie the dog. He spends time volunteering at the writing center in the local community college. After years of being accused of "telling stories," he thought he would make it official. He writes in both the thriller and young adult genres. Fourteenth Colony, a political thriller, was his debut novel. Evolved Publishing has published Jeff’s second thriller, Shatter Point, which won the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for Fall 2014 in the category of Best Thriller.Jeff's first young adult novel, Wind Catcher: A Chosen Novel will be published in March by Evolved Publishing. He's extremely excited that his daughter, Erynn Altabef, is his co-author on the Chosen Series. As an avid Knicks fan, Jeff is prone to long periods of melancholy during hoops season. Jeff has a column on The Examiner focused on writing and a blog designed to encourage writing by those that like telling stories.

chosen series

We’re also excited to let you know that Wind Catcher will be FREE And Brink of Dawn will be on sale for only $1.99 for this week, when Scorched Souls launches!

So if you haven't picked up this great series, now you get can get all 3 books for ONLY $5!
They'd be perfect to add to that Kindle or Tablet you're getting for your teen for the holidays too!

Week 1 Home School Recap

old primer

So this past week was our FIRST week of homeschooling!

I had given Miss Grace Friday of last week off, so she could relax and be ready to start on Monday.

It was a bit weird for her, as all her 'school; friends had the whole week off due to the county fair. One of the best things about homeschooling is being able to set the school calendar based on YOUR needs and activities. For us, that meant she really only needed one day off, for when we actually attended the fair. So her first week was really 4 days, not 5. Well maybe 4.45, as there was a lot of learning going on at the fair!

During week one we had:

- A schedule set up by day 2, that generally has Miss Grace DONE with all her daily work by 1 pm at the latest, and that includes reading her assigned book (and telling me what happened). For us this means getting up at 830 (we're sleeping IN, woo hoo!), Miss Grace getting up and hitting Math and History, until she's reading for a breakfast break. Then she does Language, Reading, Vocabulary and Spelling, finishes any left over Math pages, works on Art Masters or Bible (they're alternating for now), and then we tackle Science. As science had experiments, it went last, so we could segue right into them (next week, the order may change, as she has more Language bonus sheets). Some days she took a lunch break in between, others she took 10-15 minute 'recess' breaks to go out and get fresh air and exercise out the 'wiggles'. It may fluctuate but for now, it's a schedule we both like.

- One computer disk drive crash- this puts a damper on your on-line curriculum! Luckily she had worksheets to work on until I got the computer back online!

- One Pilgrim art activity- making salt dough ornaments, that also involved math fractions, as we doubled the recipe.

- One sleuthing investigation, after 2 of the above salt ornaments disappeared before they could be painted. Culprit: dog and cat working together. SIGH, apparently they taste good to them...

- Two science experiments teaching photosynthesis and why leaves change color during the Fall

- Two nature scavenger hunts, looking for deciduous trees, their fruit and seed, and to catalog the different types of plants, shrubs, trees and wildlife in the entire yard.

miss grace at fair

- One field trip- the County Fair, in its 105th year, touring the pioneer and livestock areas allowed for some hands on learning- how logs were chinked with an ax, and how you can still see those marks, how families lived in one room houses, how livestock were cared for, how school was taught, how many hymns have been around since almost the beginning of the country, the multiple uses for sugar cane, differences between goats and sheep, chickens and roosters. Also some side discussions on local flora and berries, bees and honey, and how olive wood from Israel is still used for religious art.
Who knew a fair could be so educational?

- I had Miss Grace start American History over again with Plymouth and was gratified to see how much more she learned and RETAINED about the early colonists and their actual relations with the local Native Americans. She actually read 10 chapters of Pilgrim's Progress AND of her Dear America Mayflower Diary book. In ONE week! And this is a kids who balks at reading! BUT when all the elements relate (including her spelling word list), it makes SENSE and kids want to learn!

- Days 4 and 5 were more involved than days 1 and 2, for obvious reasons, to allow her to slide into a routine, and to make sure the set up, curriculum wise, was working.

All in all, not a bad week! Miss Grace is back to LOVING learning again! And that is enough reason to make it all worth while! 

miss grace wolf hood

Goals for This week:

- Multiple pumpkin science and math experiments, both before and after carving the pumpkins

-Multiple language and art experiments for Halloween, leading into next week's Día de Muertos activities, and dealing with the History of Halloween

-Testing on Plymouth and moving into the 13 Colonies

- Testing in Science and Math- being able to set different days and not have them all on Friday is SUCH a blessing! No more test anxiety- the kid is ASKING for tests!

-Testing on spelling and introducing the new list, as well as testing in Language Arts

-Finishing the Dear America book and starting her book report

- Working on fractions, both online and off, with more baking

-Art project, working with leaves collected last week.

- Resuming piano lessons- Miss Grace is already sight reading music! I am so thrilled at how well, and easy, piano has come to her!

- Loosing the arm cast! She was able to switch to the lighter splint cast this past week, so by Halloween she should be out of it! YEAH!

- First home school group activity-an All Saints Halloween Party! Miss Grace gets to dress as her 'saint',  Kateri Tekakwitha! (This also allows for some history of the great lakes region Native tribes!)

WHEW! this week will be crazy, but it will be a lot of FUN, as well.

Movie Monday: My Little Pony Equestria Girls - Legend Of Everfree DVD (giveaway)

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this DVD, free of charge,from Shout! Kids for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

And now for something perfect for Halloween Movie Night this year!

My Little Pony Equestria Girls - Legend Of Everfree  cover

This new MLP film sets up camp on November 1, 2016 in both a Blu-ray™ + DVD + Digital Download combo and a DVD + Digital Download combo from Shout! Kids.


Fresh air - check. Starlit nights - check. Scary stories - freaky deaky! 

The Equestria Girls are leaving the halls of Canterlot High School for a field trip to Camp Everfree. However, they get more than canoeing and camp fires when magic begins to wreak havoc on the camp. They’re surprised to find a magical force is causing strange things to happen, and the girls seem to be developing new powers. The Equestria Girls will have to work together to control the magic or it will destroy their beloved camp!



BOTH editions of this new DVD come with special bonuses!

·         For pony fans ordering their copy directly from Shout Kids, a free poster is included.

My Little Pony Equestria Girls - Legend Of Everfree  patch

 No matter the set, the DVD comes with an adorable “Camp Everfree” sew-on camp patch. This can be used for a fun activity like letting the kids to make their own camp uniform, like the girls on the movie art!

My Little Pony Equestria Girls - Legend Of Everfree  barrettes

Copies of the film for sale in Walmart will include a pair of Twilight Sparkle barrettes, as a special bonus!

·      Review:

Miss Grace adores the MLP series, and as she has gotten older, now enjoys the Equestria girls just as much as their smaller pony characters! As a parent, it is heartening to see that bad' characters always change in the series, becoming good like the ponies.The reasons for why they were bad, always lead to some great quality family time conversations in our house, So I'm happy to let Miss Grace keep watching this series! The characters also deal with bullying and believing in yourself, two things that have been frequent conversation in our house. But the movie puts them in ways that kids can understand and support. 

Miss Grace enjoyed watching until the end to see all the 'extras' that were thrown into the movie- callled Easter eggs, like how Fluttershy originally met Spike! She had to go back and watch the movie again, to see all the clues! 

We both highly recommend this movie, as a fun movie for kids this holiday season!

My Little Pony Equestria Girls - Legend Of Everfree  art 1

Click on these pictures and save, then print out, for coloring fun for your kids!

My Little Pony Equestria Girls - Legend Of Everfree  art 2

flashing Win


One BTHM reader will win this DVD for themselves

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Book Review: The Next by Stephanie Gangi

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received this book, free of charge,from St Martins Press, for review purposes on this blog. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, has been received or implied for this post. Nor was I told how to post about it

Halloween is a week away, are you ready?

You know you need a proper ghost story, right?

How about one who's subtitle is 'a novel of love, revenge and a ghost who can't let go' ???

the next cover


Is there a right way to die? If so, Joanna DeAngelis has it all wrong. She’s consumed by betrayal, spending her numbered days obsessing over Ned McGowan, her much younger ex, and watching him thrive in the spotlight with someone new, while she wastes away. She’s every woman scorned, fantasizing about revenge … except she’s out of time.
Joanna falls from her life, from the love of her daughters and devoted dog, into an otherworldly landscape, a bleak infinity she can’t escape until she rises up and returns and sets it right—makes Ned pay—so she can truly move on.
From the other side into right this minute, Jo embarks on a sexy, spiritual odyssey. As she travels beyond memory, beyond desire, she is transformed into a fierce female force of life, determined to know how to die, happily ever after


Wow! This book grabs you from the first page! Jo is a character that is equally the woman you want as your best friend, and the one you don't want to know. You understand her logic, you feel for her daughters, but you also are secretly urging her on. She's a ghost you can relate to! For a first time author Stephanie does an amazing job in making Jo a character you can't stop reading about!

The dialogue is one you might even imagine in your own family. It is sharp, witty, honest and true. This is family drama and its highest, and revenge at it's finest, with a blade honed by despair. As drawn in as you are by the tale, you secretly hope for happiness for Jo and her girls. The ending will not disappoint. This is not just a 'ghost story', it is a tale of love and loss, and how our hearts break. Do NOT miss this story!

About the Author:

Stephanie Gangi lives, works and writes in New York City. She is a lifelong New Yorker, born in Brooklyn, raised on Long Island, a graduate of the State University of New York at Buffalo, and raised her own kids in Tribeca, Rockland County and on the Upper West Side.

Gangi’s first publishing credit, many years ago, was a children’s book, Lumpy: A Baseball Fable, co-written with pitching great (and New York Met) Tug McGraw. She ghostwrote a tell-all about Liberace in 1984 but left the only copy in a taxicab. She has written jacket copy, pitch letters, business plans, speeches, mortgage checks, absence excuse notes, letters to editors, hundreds of poems, dozens of story starts, dating profiles, countless email, texts, sexts and random tweets. She once chalked a love note on the wall of a Paris alley in the rain.

She is an award-winning poet at work on a chapbook, and her second novel.

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